May 22, 2024

Advertising is a form of marketing for a certain product or service. The aim of marketing is to make the world aware of a product/service that a company or person is offering.The products or services could be one of two types, they can either be paid or free, meaning that the target market for these services/products either have to pay for the use of said product or services. The other side been that the product/service would be free to the user.While in development the product/services that are been advertised are designed to meet the requirements of a target market. Target market is a term used by companies/persons to identify the type, gender, age or any category of user they wish for the product/service to be used by.Advertising plays a large part in the creation of the product/service, because without marketing the consumers would not be aware of the product/service which is been offered, meaning that without knowledge of the product/service consumers would not use or buy into the offerings from the creators.There are 3 main types of marketing :Online Marketing
Offline Marketing
Word of Mouth MarketingOnline MarketingOnline Marketing has opened up incredible avenues for advertisers. Because of large companies like Google, it means that companies/persons can advertise their product/service alongside long standing companies/persons who are already known within their target area of creation.Online Marketing has been made a prime choice because of low productions costs and reasonable costs compared to other forms of marketing. An example of this is you could run an online video marketing campaign for a fraction of the cost of running an advert on the television.Online advertising has been used in many ways, by almost all companies. Evidence of this is easy to find. Big companies are using a type of advertising called ‘In game Advertising’.Examples of the companies that have used this can be found in many games. One of the first companies to realise there was a market in this type was Chupa Chups in 1992. They established that there was a market and approached the creators of a computer game called ‘Zool’. In contacting the creators of the game they managed to agree a deal enabling them to have the background of the computer game to feature the logo of their company and to be designed around they type of product.To this day, large companies use in game advertising to promote there products within computer games. An up to date example of this been Adidas teaming up with Pro Evolution Soccer computer game creators and having their logo placed on to in game advertising boards around the pitches that hosted the games that the user played their games on.Because of this, Online Marketing is playing a large part in adverting to this day, with smaller companies/persons getting into the same type, using cheaper alternatives.An excellent example of this would be the online game market. They have the ability to advertise their site all over the internet via sites that offer banner advertisements in a Pay Per Click (PPC) scheme.This scheme requires both advertisers and publishers from websites and acts as an agent between the two parties. Advertisers upload banner advertisements that they would like to have exposed to consumers and load funds into accounts held online to which the money that is offered to publishers is taken.Publishers are sites that are willing to host the banner advertisements that have been uploaded by the advertiser, so that the traffic that reaches their website are made aware about the advertisers site. In return for this service, they are paid by the advertiser per click that is taken on their banner advertisement, leading the consumer to their website.Offline MarketingOffline Marketing is a form of marketing that has been used by many creators for many years. If used alongside Online Marketing, they can provide the advertiser with an extensive amount of exposure.Offline Market covers many subcategories within the advertising world, from radio exposure to television.Word of Mouth Marketing Word of Mouth Marketing is one of the most important types of advertising there is. This is generated from humans that have either bought/used the product/service or from humans that have created the product/service.This form of advertising and marketing is what could be seen as the biggest on the planet. The reasonings for this are simple, if you offer an outstanding product/service to a consumer, not only will they tell others about the product/service, but they are likely to return and generate repeat business.